Printing Machines

BHS Flexo-Printing-Press
BHS (Gallus) Flexo-Printing-Press

  • Together with the customer BHS Druck- und Veredelungstechnik (now Gallus Stanz- und Druckmaschinen) WIEDEG was pioneer in introducing electronic axes coupling in printing machines with the label “Flexo-stufenlos (flexo-continous)“.

  • Electronic drive control system with accompanying servo-drives optional with register control for length- and side register.

  • Control of all important axes which are determining the printing accuracy of the machine.

  • Various drive-concepts up to completely seperated drives for all essential machine axes.

  • Usage of direct drives and special control structures.

  • First successful usage of direct drives with ferraris-sensor.

Gear Measuring Machines

Klingenberg Measuring Machine
Klingelnberg Measuring Machine

  • Developement of a special Power-PC control electronic for compact integration (direct as part of the Klingelnberg control system)

  • Complete control system consisting of power supply, processing unit and power electronics.

  • Closed loop control of all rotary-and linear-axes in the machine.