SBC 7000 – Single Board Computer with VMEbus I/O-Interface

CPU-Board with high performance and compact setup. Usable as single board solution or, expanded via the VME-I/O-interface, as CPU of a complete industrial control system

  • Powerful CPU-Board with Dual Core ARM-Processor, FPUs and Artix7 FPGA for real time applications
  • Use as single-board-computer
  • By means of the VMEbus I/O-interface expandable to a complete industrial control system
  • Considerable memory fit out (Flash, RAM, memory card) and high performance standard interfaces (2x Ethernet LAN, USB, UART)
  • Additional analog input and trigger output for special applications
  • VME I/O-Bus enclosing full Short I/O- and Interrupt-functionality
  • OS9 - Embedded Systems for ARM-CPU-family as real time operating system with WIEDEG Board-Support-Package
  • High Dhrystone- and Whetstone- benchmark-performance
  • High quality and long term delivery reliability due to the entire development and manufacturing in Germany