Power-PC Register-Control-System RRP

Compact structured, powerful closed loop register control for dynamic and precise length- and side-register control in printing machines.

The controller consists out of a Power-PC-register control system as extension to the industrial drive control system IASP, a touch operating control- and maintenance-PC and the print mark sensors.

The RRP offers a wide scope of functions combined with straightforward, user-friendly operability.

RRP  RRP-Graph 
 Micro-objective of the print mark sensor with print mark and light spot  PC-screenshot oscilloscope with loupe


  • Register Control in web-cylinder (mark-cylinder) and web-web (mark-mark) mode.
  • Fixed-, sequence- and mixed control-mode.
  • Special print mark detection sensor for reliable detection of print marks in various colours on diverse substrates
  • Detection of block-, wedge- and double-wedge-print marks.
  • Extension from 5 to max. 25 register control points.