Electronic Drive Control Systems

Powerful drive control systems for electronic coupling of axes, positioning and for the assumption and processing of special functions in systems with separate drives for the axes.

With the accompanying servo drives the drive control system is able to carry out all open and closed loop control tasks in the drives and to fulfill highest demands with regard to dynamic and precision.

Various communication interfaces offer simple access for higher level control systems to this big amount of features.

Industrial Power PC-Drive-Control-System IASP


IASP-Drive Control System for a Printing Machine
- for up to 32 position-controlled axes

- with register-controller for 10 control points

System for open and closed loop control in systems with separate drives.

  • Drive Control System
    • Electronic coupling of axes
    • Electronic gear
    • Positioning
    • Machine specific special functions
  • Modular structure ranging form 8 – 32 (and more) controlled separate drives
  • Power-PC-technique based on the industrial standard VMEbus
  • Control of high performance digital drives with high resolution sensors
  • Connection to higher level process control systems optional via fieldbus, serial interface or VME bus
  • Fulfillment of highest demands with regard to dynamic and precision.